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This site is still under construction so some of it may not be done or updated yet - so mind your step there might still be some error, but I invite you to comment on my facebook page if you like the site, n message me there if you found an error or a glitch in the site meanwhile.

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Linda Couillard,

webdesigner and friend of Daryl Maddeaux

Daryl Maddeaux: rockonrock @ hotmail.com (take out the spaces)

Phone: (778) 882-2994 (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I would like to introduce my team from theBenefactory.ca

Christian Couillard (my long lost brother) who thought me a few tricks, and guided me to more help- beside donating many hours to this project to help me and because he likes what Daryl does. Thanks Bro!

Christian is in Quebec and speak French more fluently than I do; he can be contacted here

Shawan McCabe, my friend here in Vancouver, a geek without whose guidance I could not have accomplish half of the coding or designing. Thanks Shawan!

Shawan can be contacted here

And myself the language lover, geek wanna be and social butterfly. Friend me on facebook subjet Line either: Webdesign for my site / or Please Fix This on this (name site)... if it is related to webdesign or (Daryl for bookings) Linda Couilllard, Vancouver, BC

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Rock on Rock at The CNE in Toronto

Daily Shows:

Aug. 18 to Sept 4th, 2017
10ham- 10hpm