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About the Artist: Daryl Maddeaux


Daryl Maddeaux bio

Born Fredericton, November 15, 1952; moved to Halifax at 12, played hockey as a teen and grew-up in late 60s early 70s and somehow survived.

With a Grade 12 education, he joined the Post Office at twenty. Daryl was a mailman for about 16 years and later would be the president of the Letter Carriers Union in Halifax.

Daryl learned many musical instruments but fell in love with the acoustic guitar and became an accomplished player and song writer; he sometimes perform his own compositions... But it is at balancing rock that he is an expert...

Seen anyone balancing 10 rocks atop one another and making it look easy?

Places visited by Rock on Rock

  • Vancouver BC Canada- English Bay
  • Laguna Beach California
  • Dana Point California
  • Seaport Village California
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Grand Canyon
  • West Palm Beach Florida Fair (18 days)
  • Pennington NY
  • Calgary Stampede 2000 and 2001
  • CNE- The EX (12 consecutive years 1999-2010)
  • Great Western Fair (3 years) London Ontario
  • Wellington Fair Ontario
  • Lodo street Fair Denver Colorado
  • Brekin Ridge Colorado
  • St Louis Missouri (1998-9?)
  • Great Bear Lake California Nevada
  • Delt University Netherland
  • Museum of Natural Art San Diego (30 days)
  • Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Friedrick Hoffen Germany on the Boden Sea
  • Bordeaux france
  • Genoa Italy
  • Luxemburg Convention Center
  • Melacon Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  • Farrow Beach mexico
  • Oklahoma City -(in memory of Federal Building bomb Blast victims)
  • Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia (Summer 1999 for a man that lost his daughter on Swissair airplane crash)
  • San Jose Costa Rica
  • Borderland Retreat Nepal
  • Kobe Japan
  • Palm Springs Burgess Estate
  • Music Festivals Toronto
  • Music Festivals Calgary
  • Negril Jamaica at the Treehouse (18 days)
  • Probably over 100 schools and Juvenile correction Centers in United States and Canada.

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Rock on Rock at The CNE in Toronto

Daily Shows:

Aug. 18 to Sept 4th, 2017
10ham- 10hpm